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Money is Money
Love is sacred
Family is everything

Following the sudden death of his fiancée, top Australian currency trader KINGSLEY WALKER is lured to a New York City of the ‘90s to ply his trade on the world’s most lucrative desks. Here, we are introduced to a sexy world of youth, wealth and glittering privilege until Kingsley’s special talents become a threat to the power brokers of the city itself. Soon, he finds himself navigating the Machiavellian corridors of old money and new, and finds that the tragedy that he believes he has left behind will continue to haunt his every encounter with love.


BROKERS is a romantic drama that blends WALL STREET’s intrigue in a heady and fun ‘fish out of water’ arena. Incorporating a handsome mix tape of classic ’90s chart-toppers, we ride shotgun with handsome lead Christopher Egan (LETTERS TO JULIET) and a stellar cast of support characters to take in a course of the bawdiest and most beautiful that New York has to offer


James Wallace

Executive Producer

Christine Peters


Paul Brenner


Glenn Fraser


Tom Gleeson



An exciting prospect filled with opportunity


Something to be a part of

With the script now locked for the first instalment of BROKERS, this “trilogy” of romantic dramas is set to become one of Australia’s biggest film franchises and  the first to push the upper end of aspirational living. We’re finalising cast, crew and filming locations so there exists a small window to consider sponsorship and product placement partnerships for this truly global film. CONTACT HERE if you’d like to engage.

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